Monday, June 18, 2012

Like Heaven

I was focused on stuffing my face with BBQ hamburger and potato salad but then Andrew said, "I think this is what heaven will look like."

I looked up from my plate at the families that surrounded us.  Foster families, adoptive families.  Children, parents, friends...connected, not by blood or ethnicity or background, but by commitment to each other.  As I took note of the people, I realized the mixture was almost startling.

We are used to homogeneity.  Even in places we think diverse.  I think of my life as diverse.  I grew up in southern California, in a predominantly white neighborhood, but surrounded by predominantly Hispanic ones.  I now live in a neighborhood which is 98% African American.  I step in and out of different cultures on a fairly regular basis.

This was different.  This was a trail mix of humanity.  I scanned the park and meditated on the thought that Heaven would indeed look like this and it made me smile.

In Heaven no one will be surprised that no one looks the same!  The varying colors and backgrounds of our spiritual adoptive family will perfectly reflect the glory of God as we stand before His throne. 

I just feel blessed that our family is part of a community that reflects the varying shades of God's glory in heaven here on earth!

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