Monday, June 11, 2012

Carried to the Table

All of us struggle to live a redeemed life. 

Some of us forget it can't be done in our own power; others worry even Christ's power isn't strong enough for their particular brand of brokenness.  Some of us count on being competent people and trust that life and ministry can be checked off of our to-do list.  Still others shrink back in fear feeling unworthy of participating in God's plans. 

All of us forget.  We forget that it isn't about us.  We forget the goodness, the greatness, the love of our Savior.  We let ourselves eclipse the Son.  Whether you trust too much in your own power or trust too little in Christ's, we have all forgotten that "in Him all things hold together" (Col. 1:17).

Last night I heard "Carried to the Table" by Leeland for the first time.  It made me remember.  I am alive. I am saved, I am part of God's plan, because Christ made it possible.  You are alive, you are saved, and you can be part of His plans because Christ made it possible.

None of us belong in the warmth of His majesty, but we are here.

Take a moment and remember who carried us there.

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