Monday, March 26, 2012

Kids Gone Wild...Spring Break 2012

This week our ministry building was filled with the sounds and goings-on of kids on Spring Break!  With the help of a volunteer group from Manhattan Christian College, we ran a five day kids program where we had lots of fun, food, and learned about how we can choose to follow Jesus.  Many of our kids were regulars but we also got to meet new families and see returning families we hadn't seen in awhile. We also had a stomach bug that went through a few of the volunteers and then through most of our staff by the end of the week, so we are most thankful that God helped us make it through the week! 

Some highlights:
  • Akeisha earned special acknowledgements with an award for being a leader all week long, encouraging others to stay on track. She also was the only one who learned all the memory verses. She is a sweet young woman and I hope God keeps her in our lives!
  • When asked what the kids knew about Jesus, Cobie, a young energetic bo,y said, "I know that old ladies talk about Him way too much!"
  • Discussing a story about Jesus healing the 10 lepers a volunteer asked, "Have any of you ever been sick?"  Xavier says, "I had the chicken pox!"  "How did you get better?" asked the volunteer.  Xavier exclaimed "I ate chicken soup!"
  • At family night on Friday, all of the kids performed a skit where they shared with their family what they had learned all week!
I think pictures of their smiling faces say it all...

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