Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Update

Dear Team,

Recently we had a fight in our high school basketball program. Since starting the program, there had only been one other fight. People generally really respect World Impact and care about participating in our programs.

The fight occurred over a heated moment in the game and words and fists were exchanged. Our staff broke up the fight and then we closed the gym down. We closed the gym to let people know that we do not tolerate fighting and to help the students keep each other accountable, since the decision of a few affected everyone there to play that night.

Watching it happen was disappointing but the day after the fight occurred, Martin, one of the guys involved, came up to World Impact wanting to speak with Randy and I (Andrew). He sat down and began to tell us that he knows what good we are doing for the guys and that he was truly sorry. He also said that he would understand if we did not want him around anymore because of his actions.

In our community it is rare to hear someone say they are sorry. In an environment where your reputation is all that you have and respect is worth more than any amount of money, saying I am sorry is not a popular thing. Impressed by Martin’s maturity, we made sure he knew how much we appreciated his heart-felt apology. We then got to share with him about how God forgives each of us time and time again and that we forgive him too. We also shared that the opposite of not wanting him around was true—we love having him participate in our programs!

I am always blown away at how God can take a bad situation and totally turn it into a way to share His grace and love. Martin did something that was wrong, but he also took the first step to make it right. Martin is a leader, I just do not think he sees it yet.

It is our desire to see the Martin’s of this community be leaders in our local Churches. Praise God for giving us millions of second chances and for continually restoring us! Please pray for Martin and others like him to continue their growth in Christ. We are seeing guys in our Bible Study who have a deep hunger for the Word. Sometimes during Bible Study we just sit around and talk over their questions about who God is and how that should affect our lives—and it is not always our staff answering each other’s question! God is at work in this great city and it is such a joy and honor to witness it on a daily basis!

Let’s take this city for God!

Andrew and Adria Medlen

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  1. How'd I miss this one? lucky no one was hurt. It does take a big man to come back and say he was sorry. I assume you opened again this week and are up and running again.