Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Week that Felt Like a Year

Since last Tuesday we were robbed three times, conducted five stake outs, dealt with police, became our own publicists, did four tv news interviews, set up and hosted a Fall Fest for over 200 people, continued networking to start raising funds for the thefts, and all of this on top of our usual weekly tasks!  We are all exhausted. 

The highlight of the week was Sunday evening's Fall Fest.

Everyone enjoyed the maze constructed out of refrigerator boxes in our gym and then chili dogs!

Andrew wore this wig...these kids have the same reaction we all did.


Well...maybe that falls in line second to sleeping at night.  Did I mention we're all exhausted?

IF that photo wasn't enough of Andrew's hair, check this out: WORLD IMPACT'S FALL FEST ON TV!

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