Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Been Awhile

I always have great intentions to blog regularly and then two months goes by.  We have been swept up in a whirlwind of activity these past few months, but some great things have been happening.  The weather is getting warmer and our neighborhood looks alive again.  With so many people back out on thier porches we are loving the opportunities to build relationships on our block (which still feels new even though we've been here since October). 

We had our annual Spring Break Program March 15-19 and it exceeded our expectations.  I (Adria) was coordinating the week and had bought only 50 t-shirts for the kids attending, because we rarely get over 30 kdis on average.  I was a little nervous come Thursday when we did our group picture because we had averaged over 40 each day!  On picture day we had 45 students and 23 volunteers!!  Here are a few photos from the week.
Then, right after Spring Break Mom and I (Adria) took off for Indiana to see Amber and my little 2 week old "nephew" Blake!  He is a cutie, but by the time we got home late the following Wednesday I needed a 24hr nap!

But the activities were far from over...I found out that Laniecha was getting baptized and so Andrew and I got to go see Laniecha make this important step in her walk with Christ.  I pray that it is something she is serious about pursuing.

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