Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break 2009!

We went on a Truth Trek with the kids to discover the treasures of God's truth in His Word! Our journey to dig up these treasures took us through the Ten Commandments and how they apply to our lives. It was so fun to see the kids connect the commandments to their actions towards God, family, and friends.

College students from Greenville Christian College in Illinois and Clemson University in South Carolina helped us run the week-long program, which included Bible Lessons, games, and electives like art, magic, sports, cooking, drama, and newspaper!

The week of fun ended with a Friday Night Family Night where we had 40 people for food, fellowship and a showcase of what the kids did that week.

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  1. First Post!
    I was glad to hear that you had so many people at the Friday night activity. I was at a Men's "Advance" this weekend. It was good as usual. Lance has been on sabatical for the last 6 weeks and I asked Eric (the fianancial guy of the church) how that was going. He said that attendence and giving were UP. I'm sure Lance will get a lot of ribbing about that. I also ran into Luke Ralston and he is going to the same church (Rock Harbor) that Lianna will supposedly attend. Anyways, God bless you both.