Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Graduate!

Last night Andrew and I attended the Job Alliance Graduation, in which Patricia was one of the five graduates! It was a beautiful time dedicated to the hard work and life-changes the five women have accomplished over the past two months. There was joy and hope reflected in Patricia's face, as she now sees a clearer path in front of her and a hope for her family in Christ.

Job Alliance (Jobs For Life) was originally sponsored here in St. Louis by World Impact's first church plant and is now a rapidly growing program here in North city. This program doesn't only teach job skills, it provides an opportunity for people who have found themselves in difficult circumstances to learn strategies that will help them overcome life's obstacles, to find support in like-minded people, and to see the hope they can have in Jesus Christ.
God is doing a mighty work in Patricia. Continue to pray for her as she has started her GED classes this week and would like to have her GED completed in the coming months.


  1. First Post!
    Praise the Lord! May God richly bless her steps toward Him and the improvements she is making in her family life. Praise God for your part in that as well.
    God Bless,

  2. Congratulations to Patricia! This is a wonderful accomplishment for her. May it lead to great things for her and the family. I pray that her daughters realize the great example that their mother is exhibiting for them.The Lord is in the business of redeeming lives! Love you, Mom B

  3. Congratulations to Patricia! May her success lead to great things for herself and her family. I pray that her daughters will see the fine example set by their mother and be inspired to succeed themselves! The Lord is truly in the business of redeeming lives! Love you, Mom B