Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet 16

We celebrated Laniecha's 16th birthday this weekend. Andrew and I and Laniecha and Ja'Marion went out to Applebee's to acknowledge this milestone. Both of us were struck with how much she's grown up these past three years. We are praying that the growth will begin to focus more on spiritual development now that she is gaining some stability in the classroom and at home with her son. We also purchased some safety gates for the stairs in their house, as Ja'Marion is almost 9 months and crawling everywhere! Andrew is going to install them tonight. The purchase of those gates were made possible by the support of dear friends and fellow believers who have so graciously taken up Laniecha and Ja'Marion's cause. I am so grateful for their support. Here are a few fun pictures from the day.


  1. Ja'Marion is a very beautiful baby boy! And healthy to boot! Congratulations to Laneicha on her 16th birthday. May this new year be filled with purpose, wisdom, and happiness for the two of them. Love from Mom B

  2. Ja'Marion is truly a beautiful baby boy--and so very healthy as well!! Congratulations to Laneicha on her 16th birthday! May this new year be one filled with blessings, happiness, and direction. God be with Laneicha and the baby, and may the Lord bless both of you for your continued devotion to this little family!

  3. Hey.... How did Mom get first post!
    That boy's gonna need a STRONG gate. I'm thinking wrought iron and concrete. Love you both.