Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Selma and Samwise: The Importance of Telling Each Other the Truth

Recently we were finally able to watch the movie Selma. We've been waiting and waiting for it to be available on Amazon (since we have a baby, which means, we are basically socially and culturally reclusive).

Although I might not place it in the "great" category, it was well worth the wait and as with most movies addressing deep and thought provoking topics, it put me in a contemplative mood. One thing I kept contemplating throughout the movie, oddly enough, was how much it reminded me of Frodo and Samwise from The Lord of the Rings.

This didn't happen to anyone else? No? OK, well, let me explain.

One of the beautiful things about the movie Selma was how it brought into focus the many strong and faithful people who stood with Dr. King. These men and women, his closest friends and co-laborers, walked with him in the face of impossible things and spoke truth to him in the darkest hours. Dr. King had incredible personal resolve and vision, but this movie peeled back the outer layer and showed him being lifted up by faithful brothers and sisters around him speaking the truth of Scripture and character when situations were most bleak, encouraging him to keep moving forward, even if only inch by inch. It was in this that I saw the characters of Frodo and Samwise on their impossible journey. Frodo was chosen as the ring bearer, but he never would have completed his mission if it had not been for the faithful, encouraging, and truth-speaking Samwise.

Selma made me remember all over again how important it is to tell each other the truth. The world can be dark and discouraging. The devil makes use of the seclusion of our thoughts to bring doubt and defeat to our hearts and minds, but the Lord has given us the Body of Christ to combat this. There is power when we speak truth to each other. Somehow the hope seems real when Samwise tells an exhausted and defeated Frodo that things aren't really so bad. Even when you're walking into an onslaught, when you are walking shoulder to shoulder with someone fear seems smaller and hope greater.

While watching Selma I was in awe of the strength of people, the nobility of enduring, and the courage of sacrifice made possible when people tell each other the truth and stand firm together. It made me think carefully about the voices I listen to when faced with challenges and forced me to contemplate the words that I speak to myself and to others.

Because, the journey is not over yet. There is so much to be done in the world. Be someone's Samwise. Listen to your own Samwise. It may just be the thing that God uses to beat back the darkness and reveal His victory in the world.

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