Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Boy's Dream to be Darth Vader

It's a blessing to have a kid who rolls with ministry life so well. He "works" at his desk in our office, runs errands, attends prayer meetings, takes naps on the go, eats dinner anywhere from 5-8pm and all with a (mostly) sunny disposition.

As any four-year-old boy, Little Nut is completely obsessed with Superheroes and Darth Vader. All day long we hear, "Does Darth Vader live in a dark house? Darth Vader has big boots! What can Batman do? I want to fight the bad guys! Does Superman shoot lasers from his eyes? Is the Hulk nice? I might be the Hulk!"

So, today we took a little time to enjoy the beautiful day and fulfill a little boy's dream:

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