Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holy Week: Preparing our Hearts

As a society, we spend little time in contemplation. We're busy, so busy that we usually just run ourselves ragged right up until a moment of significance and hope that the depth of the moment will leap out at us. It doesn't work. The important moment hustles past with the rest of life and we are left with a somewhat hallow experience.

Without proper anticipation we cannot feel the excitement and full impact of resolution!

As Christians, we are days away from the most important celebration of our faith. We'll be planning family events and purchasing new Easter outfits, meanwhile, our hearts are left unprepared for the climax of the Christian year.

Don't let the Resurrection sneak up on you! Take this week to quiet your hearts and minds and give yourself over to the story and anticipation. On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday and let our hearts be glad for the arrival of the King! Later this week we meditate on the Passion of our Lord, as He willingly went to the cross. And, then we wait, with solemn anticipation for the moment the whole world has waited for...the Resurrection!

Here are some resources to help you prepare your heart this week:
Let's beat back the frantic pace of life this week in exchange for a deep anticipation of the greatest moment of our faith!

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