Monday, September 17, 2012

Speaking Wichitan

These Kansans talk funny!  At least this Southern-California-who-spent-her-teens-in-Houston-and-moved-to-St. Louis-girl thinks so! Andrew wouldn't think so, I mean, he's from Kansas and he also says things like "chimiCHAYNga."

And, while I can't quite bring myself to use the native language, here's what I've learned so far:

Need a soda?  (And to get through the day I do!!)  Well, you can't get one here.  You can, however, get a "pop."

Washing hands and dishes and laundry is no more!  Here in Wichita you "warsh!"

You know that thing with two handles that you use to carry things out of a grocery store?  It's not grocery's a "sack."

And, my favorite, people do not eat dinner here in Wichita.  They eat "supper" and they eat it REALLY early!  Like 5 or 5:30 early.  That's more like a second lunch to me! 

So, get the rolls I just bought out of that sack and warsh your hands.  It's 5pm and time for supper!  Do you want pop with your meat, potatoes, and corn?  Or something like that :).

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