Saturday, December 24, 2011

What a Savior

I don't always like the songs they play on our local Christian radio station, I mean, I may be a Mom now, but I'm not diggin' the "Mom music."  But every time I think maybe I'll listen to some other station Little Man starts singing along to the current song..."We were made to be courageous...(Casting Crowns)," "O Happy Day, Happy Day, When Jesus washed my sin away...(Fee)," and it makes it all worth it. 

The other night Little Man and I were headed to a Christmas event and Laura Story's "What a Savior" came on the radio.  He started singing along, "Jesus You are stronger/More than any other/Hallelujah what a savior."  I thought, there couldn't be a sweeter sound than my little three-year-old singing off key "hallelujah, what a savior." 

A sense of awe washed over me as I listened to the words, "What a savior."  This year I have to admit I haven't spent a lot of time dwelling on the advent season.  I haven't anticipated the coming of Christ with as much has just gotten in the way.  But just because I was too distracted to reflect deeply, doesn't take away the profound meaning of Advent and Christmas. 

Sometimes I'm too familiar with the story of a baby in a manger to be shocked by the reality of what God did!  A king, born into poverty.  A king, giving up his throne to be a helpless infant.  To think that even if he was born into the richest home, surrounded by gold and jewels and swaddled in the finest cloth it would be nothing like the glory of heaven.  And he chose to humble himself even further.  What a Savior. 

There's a verse in one of my favorite Christmas songs by Downhere, "How Many Kings" that says, "A child in a manger?/Lowly and small, the weakest of all/Unlikeliest hero, wrapped in his mother's shawl -/Just a child -/Is this who we've waited for?"

The one we have waited for...Jesus.  Not a king by earthly standards, but God, in humble flesh, who came to live and die for us and who will one day return in His full glory for those who believe in Him!

Certainly a cause to celebrate this Advent/Christmas season.  Take a moment in all the holiday rush to dwell on the miracle of Christ and let your heart say, "What a Savior!"

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