Monday, August 15, 2011

Terrible, No-good, Infection-in-Your-Ear, Pee-in-Your-Pants Day

I woke up tired today.  I couldn't sleep last night, and mornings with a two-year-old come much earlier than I'd like.  Well, I'd prefer mornings didn't come at all but then I'd be dead, and that's no good.  The morning was uneventful; however, since his schedule has been all out of whack because we've had family visiting (yay!) and because he's been sick...he cries if the wind changes direction. 

We had an appointment for Little Man at the doctors for a possible ear infection at noon, which worked perfectly with getting him home by about 1 or 1:30pm for a nap...then Mama can take a nap too...lovely. 

Not lovely.  After getting to the doctor's office we're told the doctor had to cancel all the appointments that day and we'd have to wait hours for another doctor to see us, or make a new appointment many days out.  Frustrating.  They suggested urgent care.  Ugh.

Driving away I made some phone calls trying to find a Walgreens Take Care Clinic since the thought of sitting at a local urgent care for 3 hours didn't appeal to me.  So, I headed to south city to the nearest clinic since they said there was currently only 1 person waiting!  Yay! 

Not yay.  We arrived and I started filling out the registration on the computer only to have a peepee crisis and have to run off to find a bathroom.  By the time we got back to check in there was another person ahead of us and then we were informed that their lunch break was from 1-2pm...which started in 20 minutes.  So, we could come back at 2:15pm.  WHAT?

OK, this isn't going to be fun without a nap but we'll find somewhere to have some lunch and walk around.  Panera was only a few minutes away so we headed to get French Onion Soup in a Bread bowl.  Yum.  Things are looking up until..."Mama, I have to peepee.  I have to peepee..." in his pants.  Are you serious? 

I grabbed him and rushed to the bathroom leaving our food on the table, hoping that my bad day wouldn't be made worse by someone taking my food away!!  Some wet wipes and a change of clothes later we're back at the table and our food is still there!  Phew. 

OK back to lunch defiant child starts not listening.  Several instructions and a warning later I lift him up and place him in a time out beside me where he starts wailing and holding his arm going "Oww!!"  What?  Do kids know instinctively to do these sorts of things in public to mortify their parents?   Is that lady looking at me like I just hurt my child?  "'re fine."  I pat his little head trying to look extra loving to reassure the sceptical onlooker, but the wailing continues.  Time to pack up our stuff (peed clothes wrapped in paper towels and all) and rush to the van where he can sob through his time out without scrutinizing glares.  Take that, kid.

Well, it's all of 1:15pm.  Now what?  Guess we'll go to the park across the street.  Running and sliding ensues until, "Mama, I have to peepee, I have to peepee!!!!!"  OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THE DEAL?  He hasn't even had drank much today! I have no more spare clothes and there's no bathroom so we run for the tree line, wrestle into position....nothing.  Seriously?  His accident has made him overly anxious..

Well, at least it's time to head back to the clinic.  We make it back in time to go to the bathroom AGAIN and wait for another 30 minutes.  We get called back to see the doctor.  Yes, the end is in sight!  A prescription for his ear infection and several stickers later we're headed to the car where...he screams bloody murder for 10 minutes because he didn't get to put his sticker in just the right spot before we left.  Sigh.  What a day.

Redemption came, however, when tonight we were all in his playroom watching Little Man drive his llama around in his car.  Then he yells, "No, baby.  It's OK.  I'm talking to Mama and Daddy!"  He's always talking to and ordering around this imaginary baby so Andrew asked him, "Where is this baby?"

"In the carpet!"  He shouts.  Well of course. 

"What does the baby look like?"  I asked.

"Handsome.  Baby, so handsome."

We laughed until I almost cried and Little Man chuckled, pleased with how hilarious he was.

And there you have it.  A terrible day, not so terrible now.

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  1. Incredible how awful a day can be and then the cuteness at the end of the day makes so funny looking back (in a bittersweet and utterly exhausting kind of a way). Enjoying every moment never seemed so challenging before.