Friday, March 6, 2009

God Moves When We Pray!

As I just posted the last blog with our March Prayer Letter I read it and was amazed at how God works. God is most certainly moving in this family that has become so dear to my heart. God has seen fit to draw Patricia to Himself and she has responded! I am so excited to call my dear friend Patricia, my sister in Christ!

Even as many of you are just now receiving this letter and beginning to pray for Patricia, there are many of you who have already invested much prayer into this family and have followed the ups and the downs in their lives with Andrew and I. I am so grateful to you. God has proven faithful and has answered the prayer that Patricia would come to know Him!

There are still struggles and obstacles that tempt discouragement in my heart, and could deter this family from making forward progress, but I am praising God for this beautiful victory and I am anticipating even greater works for them!

Thank you for your prayers--they are vital to what God is doing here. Continue to pray for this family. And pray that God will use Patricia and her girls in the future to bring the rest of their family to the Lord!

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  1. First Post!
    It is a beautiful story. We wish the road to salvation and then sanctification was broad, but that is the way to destruction. The way to the Way is narrow and I think twisty and hilly so we can never quite see very far down the path. The broad path is the "go with the flow and see where you go", but where you end up is not where you want to be. Those of us on the narrow path don't know what is around the next turn, but we know the final destination is awesome.