Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun in the Sun

This summer has already had so many ups and downs and we are only in week three! With high attendence and a mixture of return kids and new attendees we have been wrestling with discipline issues almost on a daily basis. We have a strong discipline process in place that we passionately believe in, yet we are learning so much about something we thought we already knew so well. Different kids in different situations call for new approaches to our tried and true process. The best part of making this process work is that we get to watch God work on the kids' hearts through redemption. Also fun are the field trips we get to offer as rewards to those kids who have shown good behavior, consistent attendance and growth.

On Friday we got to take 7 kids swimming at a state park pool.
We had a great time...

Then on Saturday several kids were invited to go fishing. Only 2 were able to go, but they had a blast anyway.

Also on Friday evening we had a neighborhood cookout at our house! This wasn't a reward activity, but was open to everyone in our neighborhood. We didn't see as many adults from our neighborhood as we had hoped, but we had lots of kids and had a good time!

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