Friday, May 9, 2008

Meet Ja'Marion

Isn't he cute?
I'm (Adria) only a little partial, seeing as I was there when he first made his entrance into this world. I like to believe we have a special connection now; although, in reality, the connection is all on my end of the relationship at this point. But I sure do like to believe that his 2 1/2 month old self is especially fond of me, innately knowing I have a special connection with him :).

I've been so proud of Laniecha. For a 15-year-old in 9th grade she has found a new level of determination as a mother. This doesn't mean it isn't hard. It's very hard and she's already had moments where she feels like giving up. Graduating the 9th grade is a challenge when you are up all night with a baby and have no one to watch him when you need to study. But, she also has a desire to work towards a better life for her and her baby. We've got to get through 9th grad first! Please continue to pray for Laniecha and Ja'Marion as they have a long and difficult road ahead of them!

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  1. Ja'Marion is adorable and happy looking! He looks a lot like Laniesha! I will pray for Laniesha to make it through school and to be successful as a young mother. Love you guys.
    Mom B