Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Update

April 1, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

One of the things Andrew and I love most about serving in the city is that we also live in the city. This makes it possible for us to be involved in every aspect of people’s lives. Recently this became very special, as we received a call early one Sunday morning that a baby was soon to be introduced to the world.

Just over two years ago, Andrew introduced me to a young girl in the youth group he led. Her name was Laniecha and she was full of attitude. We hit it off right away. Over the last two years many of you have heard the stories about this developing relationship and how God has continued to keep Andrew and I invested in her and her family’s lives. Last year, at the age of fourteen, Laniecha became pregnant. Through God’s hand at work and Andrew and my persistence and encouragement she carried the baby to term. I (Adria) spent many hours driving her to and from doctors appointments and her resource classes at the local Pregnancy Resource Center. Although adoption was what Andrew and I had hoped for, its occurrence is nearly non-existent in the city. So, we have found whatever ways were possible to come along side this young mother and her family in their decision to keep the baby.

Two days after Laniecha’s due date the phone rang at seven in the morning on a Sunday. We knew it had to be time and after talking with her mother, Patricia, we rushed to get ready and raced up to the hospital. I was privileged to be in with her during the rest of her labor. As her family members flowed in and out of the room, I stayed and Patricia named me as one of the two people who could stay in the room for delivery. Honored, and a little freaked out, I witnessed little Ja’Marion emerge into the world. Honored, and again a little freaked out, I was told to cut the umbilical cord.

He was a beautiful, healthy baby boy, a miracle that has come with the greatest responsibility this fifteen-year-old girl has ever experienced. I confess that I am frightened for her and for her son and overwhelmed by my feelings of inadequacy to help. The odds are stacked against them. The world says they will both surely fail. But we must hope in the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father, who cares for Laniecha and Ja’Marion more than Andrew and I ever could. We must hope and pray that God will continue to perform miracles, for Ja’Marion is here and God has a unique plan for him in this world. Praise God! Please pray with us for this new mother and her family!

For His Glory,

Andrew & Adria Medlen

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  1. I love that you and Andrew have stayed dedicated to Laniesha and her family. Now God has blessed you with being present for her son's birth. He is so beautiful! Or should I more aptly say, "He is so handsome!" May the Lord be with you all.